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AI-Powered Investing Platform for Stocks and Cryptos

AI Generated Investment Strategies

Our state of the art investment platform uses AI to process over 1600 data inputs including price action, fundamental and technical analysis and applies proprietary algorithms daily to calculate the optimal stocks and cryptos buying and selling decisions, including allocation sizing and rebalancing.

Our AI applies these daily decisions to small, mid and large Cap stocks and cryptos portfolios across various industries, so that you don't have to. By browsing through over 100 AI generated portfolios you can build valuable strategies and make important daily decisions around buying and selling your investment portfolios.

Our goal is to save you time and enable you to make intelligent AI-driven decisions around wealth building and management

We are an FCA authorized Investment Advisor.

AI Generated Investment Portfolios across every Industry

Like Netflix shows, you can browse various industries to build your optimum investment strategies and portfolios tailored to your personal preferences. Harness the power and leverage of AI to make important decisions around how and when to buy and sell your stocks or cryptos based on long or short term investment strategies.

Browse the daily AI-generated portfolio performance across:

  • Financials
  • Technology
  • Crypto
  • Industrials
  • Healthcare
  • Discretionary
  • Staples
  • Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Communication Services
  • Utilities

Over 100 AI-Generated Thematic stocks & cryptos Portfolios

No matter what your investment horizon or risk or preference is, our platform has over 100 AI-generated thematic portfolios covering stocks and cryptos, to appeal to a diverse range of needs for every investor.

Additionally, the platform has categorized small, mid and large cap portfolios across major industries like tech for both stocks and cryptos investors.

Simply login to the platform and browse the portfolios by themes, industries or by performance basis and start building your own investment strategies and portfolios.

Be your Own Investment Manager using the Power of AI

Now, you can use our cutting edge platform with AI-powered investing resources to help you build your own investment strategy by defining your goals and setting personalized parameters for investing.

Use our AI platform to research the best performing portfolios, stocks and crypto, and then add them to your virtual portfolio on the site.

You can then track your performance, buy and sell stocks and cryptos with the broker of your choice. Harness AI to give yourself the optimal advantage of combing through 1600 plus action points and algorithms to help with your investment decisions.

Start building your investment strategies and portfolio from only £4.99 a month.

MarketsFlow is a brand of Strowz Ltd with a registered trademark. Strowz Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 792373) registered in England and Wales (Company No. 10540836) with a registered office at 3 Waterhouse Square, 138-142 Holborn, London, EC1N 2SW.

Strowz's products may not be suitable for everyone. For any back-tested portfolio performance the simulated past performance is based on the actual past performance of one or more investments or financial indices which are the same as, or underlie, the investment concerned.

* Any financial performance figures refer to the past and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of or forms a guarantee for future results.