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How to use MarketsFlow AI-Platform to create your Own Investment Strategies?

Portfolio Browsing and Diversification:

Login daily to check the performance of the platform’s AI-generated portoflio, signals and allocations. Analyze and take note of any trends or behavioral patterns you observe in terms of the AI-generated performance within the various industries and portfolio asset class themes.

Like Netflix, you can browse a range of portoflio and filter by best/worst performing portoflio, the stock allocations, Buy and Sell signals and Buy and Sell activity information.

Analyze this information as you will be requiring this to build your own custom strategies and portfolio. By spreading the investments across different areas of the market, you can reduce overall risk and potentially enhance your returns considerably.


Customized Investment Strategies:

The platform enables you to customize your investment strategies based on your preferences, financial goals and risk tolerance.

After you have carried out your research you can build a tailored investment strategy or portfolio to align with your own specific themes investment philosophies. The AI investing platform enabling you to pursue strategies that are most suitable for your own individual circumstances i.e. short term growth, momentum or risk aversive growth.


AI-generated Investing Resources:

The platform provides you with access to a wealth of real-time AI-generated investing resources like Portfolio Construction, Daily Performance, Buy/Sell Signals, Allocations, and Historical Buy/Sell Activity.

Use this valuable information wisely and leverage the AI-generated resources to build your own investment strategies. By leveraging this data, you can gain insights into current market trends, empowering you to make timely and informed investment decisions and potentially improve your returns significantly over time.


Build your own custom AI virtual portfolio:

You can now manage your own portfolio based on the AI-generated  investment resources from the MarketsFlow AI-generated platform.

Use the valuable information generated by the platform daily to build, modify and optimise your own virtual portfolio and track the performance against your own goals or benchmark it against the platform’s AI-generated portoflio.

Stay ahead of the curve by making informed decisions by studying daily the platform's AI-generated investment decisions. Take proactive steps to manage risk and preserve capital, thereby potentially improving overall returns.


Trade with a broker of your choice:

MarketsFlow AI platform is your investment partner with over 100 AI-generated portoflio to help you stay ahead of the information curve.

After you have analyzed the information, and developed your investment strategy, and are ready to take the next step in terms of buying and selling of the investments, you can do so directly with a broker of your choice.

MarketsFlow will act as your intelligent partner in terms of an advisor and you will ultimately make decisions based on your individual strategy covering your own investment goals and horizon.

For £4.99, the platform is a no brainer for anyone looking to make informed and smart investing decisions.

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Strowz's products may not be suitable for everyone. For any back-tested portfolio performance the simulated past performance is based on the actual past performance of one or more investments or financial indices which are the same as, or underlie, the investment concerned.

* Any financial performance figures refer to the past and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of or forms a guarantee for future results.